Videogame Mural at Southlake Carroll Senior High School

Video Game Mural – Senior Parking Spot

This was a very fun project that I was commissioned for recently.

Before I get into the story about this project, let me first say that I am so happy that I decided to launch this site.
If I never launched this site, I would definitely NOT have gotten this job to paint this awesome mural.

southlake senior high
The client actually saw a bunch of my art at the National Videogame Museum and decided to contact me about painting her sons senior parking spot.  At first I thought she wanted me to paint the entire parking lot, until I realized that certain high schools let their senior students paint their own parking spot.

This was going to be a surprise for her son, Ryan, who was a big fan of classic video games as well as Pokemon and Yo Kai Watch.  I worked up a few sketch ideas and after negotiating a fair price for the project, I got to work.

It took me about 4 days to finish the entire thing.

parking spot
The spot was a mess when I got there.  I’m not sure what the original color was but whoever painted that spot obviously didn’t care what it looked like. There were about 12 layer of paint and the whole thing was chipping and peeling everywhere.

Custom Mural Art

After some scraping, peeling and a few times of going over it with a broom, I started to layout the foundation for the characters in the piece.

southlake mural

I knew I wanted to add in Pikachu, Mario, Yoshi, Jibanyan, and Megaman.  Once those guys were added in I had some extra space so I got to add in Toad, Donkey Kong and Link.

Video Game Mural

Once those two guys were added, the thumbs on the controller looked really weird so I decided to add in Donkey Kong Jr and Links sword.
Southlake High School Mural
That pretty much made the piece complete. A good amount of the characters from the video games that Ryan loved were in there and I can honestly say that I think that spot is the best parking spot in Southlake Texas.