National Videogame Museum Murals

National Videogame Museum in Frisco Texas

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the “art crew” for the NVM. It was a pretty crazy scene walking into the whole project. I want the say that there were close to 50 artists that submitted work for the project. The guys at NVM did an open call in the newpaper for artists to come in and tour the then blank and almost completely empty space. ¬†After the tour, we were asked to submit ideas, designs and pricing bids for certain spaces and areas in the museum.

I was chosen to be one of the 7 artists who were able to contribute work for the museum.
The entire process took a quite an while, and it seemed like once one project was done, Joe was calling me within anywhere from a week to a month to come in and work on a new idea that they came up with for specific spots in the museum.


I’m going to go in order for the work that I did for the museum.

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Logo Mural for 80’s Tech Companies.

This was definitely challenging. It was the first project that the museum came to me with. I had submitted a few different ideas for this design, and I guess my persistent emailing for multiple walls in the museum prompted the NVM guys to throw the idea of this wall at me.
They wanted a hand painted mural wall with about 40 different classic logos from companies that helped originate the gaming movement.

Everything from Atari, Commodore and Electronics Arts to much lesser known companies had to be recreated by hand on this wall. This project took the longest amount of time out of any of them, and was definitely the most tedious. There were many afternoons, evenings and weekends where I was completely locked into my own world of recreating these classic logos.

The final result came out great.

NVM frisco national video game museum frisco texas