Ron Martin

I am a huge fan of Ron’s work.

He’s super chill, and extremely humble. Ron is a quiet guy who speaks very loudly with his art.

When I asked him about sharing some of his work on the site here, he seemed a little shocked and flattered.

Even if you never ever get the chance to make it to the National Videogame Museum in Frisco Texas, you have to see some of Ron’s work.

Seeing his work inspired me to step up my game and give my best to make the Dracula wall look great.

Dragon Lair

Ron’s recreation of Dragon Lair is absolutely EPIC!

The whole piece is ridiculously awesome.

Ron Martin

He put in some serious work on this project.

I was still working on the Logo wall when he started on the Dragon Lair project.

While I was hand painting detailed logos, Ron was sketching out the characters, the dragon and the layout of the treasure that is Dragon Lair.

National Videogame Museum  Video game art National Videogame Museum

The details in the piece is nuts. Just about every coin is unique. The fire was a combination of hand painting and spray paint. The dragon is a huge replica of the original game art.

And then he took the doors off of the bathrooms to paint and glaze the characters.

This wall made my jaw drop and I was very happy and grateful to see its creation.

I know that his art made all of my trips to the bathroom way more fun and inspiring.

Ron Martin is a class act for sure.

Ron Martin

The Arcade

You have to see it to believe it. The Neon Paint colors and the 3D pop outs for Centipede are just sick.

Ron’s work made this arcade into a room of wonder and amazement.

Ron Martin Artist Ron Martin

You can contact Ron via email below

Or check out his Instagram Page @Oldsoulism

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