Oliver Wade

Me and Oliver were working side by side for quite a while. I was working on the logo wall, and he was working on the Super Mario Wall.  He spent a few weeks measuring and laying out the details of each character, pipe, hill, mole and of course Mario.  I was highly impressed with the intense amount of detail that he put into each line.

Oliver actually created the National Videogame Museum mascot, and with the help of Anna they did some awesome work in both the Shop and the Handheld device area.

Here are some very cool pics of some of Oliver’s work for the NVM.

This wall is gigantic and is such an amazing example of Oliver’s pixel art.

videogame museum frisco

Digital Audio

This was so cool to see done. It has everything from Parappa the Rapper to Guitar Hero and much more.

Oliver shined on this big time.

oliver wade national video game museum

History of Handheld Games.

This was nuts to watch.

Oliver built an actual miniature version of this room. He built a box that had the exact dimensions of the room and did the pencil art for the room first in the box to make sure that the gigantic face of “Pixel” looked right from every angle in the room.

This piece covers every wall and the ceiling. Oliver and Anna were literally laying down on the top of a scaffold to paint the roof of the room.

The room came out great.

oliver wade oliver wade

Pixel Dreams

The entrance of the arcade area.

Oliver Wade

Gift Shop

If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Skyrim or anything like that; you know that there is always a merchant selling something.

The gift shop art was meant to give the feel of a video game merchant shop.

It definitely does.

I took the pic from outside, just so you can see just how great this wall looks.

The details are fantastic.

video game museum texas


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