Eric Koch

Eric crushed the “Crash” wall.

He had one of the largest walls in the museum.

The whole concept was the Crash of the console game systems like Atari and the Rise of PC gaming.

eric koch

There was a crazy amount of pixel art that went into this.

Even with a scaffold and an 18 foot ladder, it was pretty hard to get that whole wall covered and complete.


I have said it many times here, doing 8 bit pixel art on a large scale by hand is hard. It is very hard.

It is even harder when you are recreating some of the most iconic 8 bit images for a Videogame Museum.

All the details have to be right, or it just doesn’t look authentic.


Eric made this look authentic for sure.

video game art

His artwork made that wall come together perfectly.

blank walls

Before Eric Koch painted “The Crash.” 



You can contact Eric via email below