Denise Najara

Denise has an amazing eye for detail and tons of patience. She was able to pull of some insane details on every one of her murals in the National Videogame Museum.  Each mural is a perfect reproduction ( but way larger ) of the original videogame or device that inspired that piece.

8 bit precision

The first piece that Denise did in the museum was a gigantic Duck Hunt wall.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to paint pixels, but I can honestly say that it is difficult. Painting a huge 8 bit piece is no joke.

Duck Hunt was an iconic game for Nintentdo, and Denise did the game justice.  Everything from the gun on screen to the dog and the ducks flying in the air was pure Nintendo heaven.

denise najaranational videogame museum art

denise najera

Gameboy Glory

If you have ever owned an original Gameboy, then this piece should strike a chord in your gamer soul.

I have already seen people taking pictures and selfies with the Gameboy in the background.

The colors, shading and well everything are just awesome.

I know I spent countless hours playing Tetris on my Gameboy when I was a kid.

videogame museum


The art on this came out awesome. From top to bottom, this was once again another amazing example of Denise’s work.

Once again, hand painting 8 bit pieces that look exactly like the originals is quite a challenge.

Total props and respect.

galaga art

videogame museum

Denise and her very helpful husband Raul working on Galaga mural while Fox 4 does some behind the scenes filming.

nvm frisco texas


national videogame museum

You can check out more of Denise’s work at…


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