Anna Terry

If there was ever a way to make a monster first impression on anyone with your art… Anna knows how to do it.

I can honestly say that she spent at least 2 months working on the gigantic mural that stands about 20 feet high and about 40 feet wide in the front of the National Videogame Museum.

Her attention to detail is superb.

You can’t miss the wall she did.

Here are a few pics.

minecraft art video game mural art video game museum video game art

I could probably spend the next few hours talking about just how talents Anna is, but her works speaks for itself.

It was pretty amazing to watch how this wall was put together.

The initial sketch/ concept design was a black and white version of the wall ( just way smaller).

Every character came out perfect, and the colors were spot on. Anna had probably 50 different tupperware containers with paint colors for different spots on the mural. Needless to say, she put in some serious work on this piece.

Every character was done perfectly.

Ryu from Streetfighter looks ready to go.

Megaman pops.

The classic 8 bit Nintendo Mario looks like a large version from the original cartidge.

Sonic, Kirby, Link, James Bond from Goldeneye, Pikachu, Crash Bandicoot, the car from Grand Theft Auto…

This mural has it all.

national videogame museum

videogame museum art

Anna’s contact information is below.

For info or pricing contact