National Videogame Museum Mural Artists


I was one of 6 artists who were chosen to work on the walls of the NVM in Frisco, Texas.

As one of the “chosen,” I have to say that I am truly humbled and inspired by everyone that I had to pleasure to work alongside with on this project.

I promised the guys from the museum that I wouldn’t post a ton of behind the scenes art and pictures from the project until it opened up.

Well, opening day was last weekend. So now I am free to post as much of the behind the scenes art as well as the final products.

I originally built this site to strictly promote my own work, but with all the great art that was created inside the Videogame Museum; I had to share the other artists work.

Click on any of the artists names to view their work.



Anna Terry

Denise Najera

Oliver Wade

Ron Martin

Eric Koch

Max Juhasz


We had roughly about 10,000 square feet of space to paint and create on.  I remember when we first all came in for the walk through of the space. It was literally one gigantic open canvas with a whole lot of potential.

joe santulli

In the beginning Joe Santulli walked us through the museum and shared the vision of what the NVM was going to become

From concept art to getting it all on the wall, we got it done.

We laid on the floor and balanced off of ladders and scaffolding.

We kicked around ideas, shared our thoughts and gave each other insight and advice on the overall production and finishing touches on just about each of the different stations.

I’m not really sure how or why we were all chosen to work together but it was some great creative synergy for sure.

This was a project that was bigger than us, bigger than a commission, and definitely bigger than we originally thought it was going to be.  We all poured a ton of energy, passion and a bit of ourselves into the artwork that was done here.

I stopped by the museum on my way home today, just to check it out.

It was a great feeling to see all of the people in there enjoying the museum. It’s awesome to see all of the pictures and selfies taken in front of our work.

This wasn’t about us.


Finished wall

This was about paying tribute to all of the fantastic creative people who started and continue to work in the videogame industry…. and of course all the fans who love videogames.