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This is an example of some of the work that I have recently done for the National Video Game Museum in Frisco, Texas. It was about 85% done at the time I took this picture. Each logo was hand painted on the wall by me over a series of about 3 weeks. If you are ever in Frisco, Texas I recommend stopping by there to see all of the amazing murals that were commissioned for the museum.

The concept was presented to me by the museum as a “wall showcasing some of the most impactful software companies in the early stages of both PC and console games.”

After quite a few concept designs, the logos started going up on the wall.

This was definitely a challenging project, since each logo was a different font style and size. I also made sure that the colors and logos used were as true to the original art as possible. Some of the logos needed to stay very 8-bit, while others were pure 80’s retro art.

Many of the behind the scenes contractors, inspectors and city officials thought that the wall itself was actually done with vinyl stickers – since the details in the logos were so precise.

I used a good amount of mixed mediums to create each logo on the wall. Everything from standard paint and brushes, stencils, paint markers, acrylics and even spray paint were used to get the details right.

Here is a small example of the creative timeline –

How to Paint a Custom Mural

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Each step of the process takes time, patience and love.

The sizes, angles and colors all had to be right.

It usually started with and outline of the logo. Once to initial sketch was done, the fine details were added.

Each logo was a project in itself. Even the simplest logo took a good amount of talent to complete and look just right.

There were almost 50 logos on this wall. Some of them were big and some of them were small. (that rhymed)


Logos like Atari, Romox and Cinemaware required some serious color blending to make them look and feel authentic. The Atari and Romox logos were done in acrylic paint with some brushes to get the colors right. Cinemare was done almost completely in Molotow Paint Markers.

The Atari logo was actually done and redone about 5 times to get the proper feel. Since there were so many different variations of the logo back then; I had to play with it a bit to get it just right.

Overall I loved working on this project. It was both challenging and fun.

Custom Star Wars Mural

This was a mural that I painted in my old warehouse.  If you love Star Wars (like I do) then you should definitely appreciate this piece.  There is a crazy timeline on this one and there were many variations and evolutions of this wall. Unfortunately when I moved out, I had to buff over the entire wall. The company that was moving in after me did not have the same appreciation of Star Wars that I did.

mural art in dfw star wars mural in dfwmural art in dfwmural art in dallas Custom Star Wars Mural in Dallas Star Wars Mural in Dallas

jedi mural in dfw 2015-10-12 20.37.31 jedi mural in dallas 2015-10-12 20.37.50 mural art in texas Dallas star wars mural mural art in dallas texas star wars mural art in dfw mural art in dfwdfe mural art custom mural art in dfw custom mural art in dfw mural artist in dallas fort worthmural art in dfw

mural art in dfwstar wars mural art


This was a huge warehouse with a lot of space to play with.  Every character was done my hand with spray paint.

Definitely a fun project full of love.


Ninja Turtles Mural

Here are some pics of the Ninja Turtles Mural that I did. I decided to go with a dedication piece to the original Eastman and Laird classic TMNT comic series.

ninja turtles mural art dfw mural art in dfw ninja turles muralNinja Turtles Mural Art


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