Castlevania Mural

Castlevania Background Mural

National Videogame Museum Mural for Castle Dracula


The Dracula statue was awesome. The guys from the museum told me that they got it from an E3 convention a few years back, and it had been sitting in storage for a few years until they were able to showcase it in the museum.


During the setup of the Videogame Museum; Dracula just kinda sat there in the corner. There was a ton of work being done, and as different areas were being finished the NVM founders realized that certain areas just needed MORE.


Dracula was one of them.

He just looked lonely, bored and out of place.

He needed some love for sure.

I have to say that this was fun.

It’s funny how this came to fruition from concept.

I did some photoshop ideas of what I was thinking based on the original Castlevania game.

20160314_143139 20160314_144432

While they liked the idea, they wanted to see something more “hand drawn.”


My sketch/ thumbnail work is usually way off from the finished product.  This was just another example of how a bad sketch (which usually looks way better in my head ) can turn into something epic.

I sent a few different sketch ideas to Joe, Sean and John.

national video game museum NVM frisco concept sketches

I got no response.

Castle Dracula needed some Color.

Then I painted out what I was thinking.

castlevania art video game art

They responded.

They loved it.


This piece took 2 days. I knew what I wanted to do for Dracula.

I took my son with me to help paint the first coat. He loved it, I mean how many kids can say that they helped paint a mural in a museum???

video game murals castlevania art dfw mural artist video game museum art


I came back the next day to finish up the whole piece.

Sean and John were hanging up the neons on the adjacent wall, so we were kinda working around each other for about and hour or so.

The final product was an amazing background for Dracula. I wanted something that would do the Castlevania franchise justice; and I like to think that this piece did just that.

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