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Videogame Mural at Southlake Carroll Senior High School

Video Game Mural – Senior Parking Spot This was a very fun project that I was commissioned for recently. Before I get into the story about this project, let me first say that I

Castlevania Mural

Castlevania Background Mural National Videogame Museum Mural for Castle Dracula   The Dracula statue was awesome. The guys from the museum told me that they got it from an E3 convention a few years

Crazy Climber Mural

The Crazy Climber Mural for the National Videogame Museum   This was an interesting one for sure. There’s this weird wall or pillar area that shoots up all the way to the ceiling in

National Videogame Museum Murals

National Videogame Museum in Frisco Texas I was fortunate enough to be a part of the “art crew” for the NVM. It was a pretty crazy scene walking into the whole project. I want

How to Sell your Mural Art

How to Sell Mural Art If you are a mural artist, and you are having a hard time actually getting clients or connecting with the right people here are some videos that can help

Custom Mural Ideas

Custom Mural Art There are literally an unlimited amount of ideas and concepts that can be done on a mural. Here are 50 Custom Mural Ideas that you can use to make your room

DFW Mural Art

Big Walls Need Love.   Have you ever been walking down the street, and feel the need to stop and stare at a great piece of art on the side of a building? I